Bethan Lily Knit

NHS 20% knitted cushions

My business, Bethan Lily Knit, started six months ago making high quality, handmade, knitted interior and fashion accessories, in my studio in Oxford. In the last two months however, the world has changed completely and whilst I still need my fledging business to make an income, I also felt I wanted to do something to acknowledge the frontline workers who are bearing the brunt of this crisis for us.

I decided to design and knit a cushion that would be colourful and bring a smile to people’s faces. I have used rainbow colours and hearts to show our love for the NHS. 20% of each sale will go to the NHS. My chosen charity being, NHS Charities Together.

So far I have sold, made and delivered 78 cushions, raising a total of £358.80 for the NHS. People are being so enthusiastic about the finished product that it has encouraged me to try to spread the word more widely.

Each rainbow hearts cushion is £23, not including P&P. If you’d like to order, contact me via: 07826578902; @bethanlily_knitwear_;