Burning Waste

Residents asked not to burn waste

People living in north Oxfordshire are being asked not to light bonfires to get rid of their waste during the Coronavirus emergency. Residents are asked to store any large batches of waste until the home and garden excess services resume; or until Oxfordshire County Council’s household waste recycling centres reopen. Alternatively, people may use the bulky waste service, which has now resumed. The bulky waste service can be booked via this link

Residents are asked to think about fire risk and the health implications of bonfires, and of the smoke on their neighbours, especially during the current situation. Coronavirus is a respiratory disease and people’s breathing could be worsened due to smoke inhalation. Avoiding all bonfires will reduce the chance of people having their health affected and avoid a further burden on the NHS.

There are no laws against having a bonfire, but there are laws to address the nuisance they can cause. Anyone who has experienced a new nuisance from bonfires in their neighbourhood since the coronavirus outbreak began, can report it online. If bonfire smoke is drifting across a road and endangers traffic or causes injury, people should call 999 to report it to the police.