Bus Shelter Seats – Kidlington Townswomen

As we know, Kidlington is said to be the second largest Village in the Country.  We probably have one of the best bus services in the County and are lucky enough to have a service which covers all the major hospitals in Oxford.  Kidlington also has a high percentage of elderly people who use the hospital service quite frequently.  However, the one thing lacking was seats or benches in the Bus Shelters.

This came to the notice of our Townswomen’s Guild Member, Marion Robertson when she  missed a bus one day and found it was a long wait for the next one.  Standing wasn’t easy for someone not so young and with back problems. 

Marion decided to approach the Parish Council to ask whether they could do anything about it.  The Council was quite sympathetic but it takes time to get the appropriate department to take action.  During a spell of non action, Marion happened to mention her mission at one of our Guild meetings so we as a body added our support to the problem. 

Now after two years or more her mission has been successful as we have benches in the Bus Shelters throughout the Village.

It just shows what can be achieved, so next time you are waiting for a bus and sit on the bench, give TG Member, Marion, a quiet “thank you”.

Jenny Higgins

photo by Brian Higgins