Generation Games

Stay active at home with Generation Games

Generation Games, Age UK Oxfordshire’s physical activity service, usually run close to 80 classes across the county. Over 1000 people usually join these sessions, which contribute to their weekly physical activity quota. With the outbreak of the Corona virus everything changed.

Generation Games quickly decided to suspend all classes until further notice. Class participants are on average in their 70s and many have a long-term health condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or COPD which affects the lungs – putting them in the At Risk group for this virus.

We all know the physical and mental benefits of being physically active, and for many not being able to attend their weekly class will have a negative impact. Therefore exercise needs to continue, even in these unprecedented and stressful times; not only to maintain physical fitness, to benefit mental wellbeing, but also to give focus to a now entirely disrupted routine. 

Whilst many online exercises exist already, they are not geared towards older age groups. Generation Games are launching specialised online Home exercise films led by three of their highly trained Postural Stability Instructors. The sessions were recorded just before the lockdown at their office and will be a variety of Strength & Balance exercises, including some floorwork and Tai Chi. Generation Games will publish one a week on their website .
Generation Games Tel: 01235 849 403