Gosford Hill School – GCSE grades

Year 11 students celebrate outstanding success in their GCSE grades

Year 11 students at Gosford Hill are celebrating their GCSE grades with the school enjoying a great deal of success across the board, including in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science.

The centre assessed grades awarded to students, in keeping with other schools across the River Learning Trust, were based on a wide range of information and subject to a great deal of scrutiny and rigour. Our students can be very proud of their hard work, resilience and dedication to their studies and richly deserve their success.

Many of our students have excelled. Tristan Hughes, Tim Millard, Jennifer Ewart, Holly Hunt, Bethan Fransham, Jasmine Tranter, David Willis and Susannah Willis were our top performing students, each achieving a large number of the very top grades.

Tristan said, “I am very pleased with my results, I must thank my teachers for working hard and having belief in me”.

Other students also wanted to also thank their teachers. Jen expressed, “I am very proud of my achievements and I would like to thank my teachers for their support”, and Jasmine was as appreciative of the help and support that she has had here at Gosford Hill School.

Twins David and Susannah were delighted with their results

Not only was Tim Millard was delighted with his grades, he also enjoyed the atmosphere and all of Year 11 being together again, to celebrate their results during what has been a very turbulent and uncertain year. “I am delighted with the results that I have achieved and it was great to see everyone together again. I am also thankful for my teachers and all of the support that they have offered me”.

Louise, Abi, Katy and Jen were pleased with their results

There were many other success stories and we want to thank the students for all of their hard work during their time at Gosford Hill School, in what has been a challenging year, and wish them every success for the future.

We also want to thank the families for supporting the students and finally the staff at Gosford Hill School who have worked tirelessly to help the students fulfil their potential.