Glad to Care

From 6th to 12th July, staff at Lincroft Meadow have taken part in ‘Glad to Care Awareness Week’ – a national awareness week dedicated to celebrating those who work in the care sector.

With the coronavirus crisis having been an incredibly trying time for the care industry in recent months, #GladtoCare Awareness Week was organised to champion the incredible work that carers do, giving them the opportunity to shout about why they’re glad to work in care.

At Lincroft Meadow staff, residents and relatives spent time throughout the week reflecting on the role of carers and in particular why they are ‘Glad to Care’. They noted their thoughts and created a display in the reception area. Some of the comments were:

“I like to be able to see my residents smile by enabling and empowering them and providing them with a happy and safe environment to live.”

“I want to make each moment in life matter. In a world where we can do and be anything, being kind and caring is the most rewarding.”

“It’s good to see someone smile and laugh because they appreciate you. The brightness in their eyes melts my heart and makes my day.”

It was a great opportunity for members of the Lincroft Meadow community to think about their roles as carers and consider why they do what they do.

Suzi Morgan