Kidlington Baptist Church – Last Month

In these extraordinary, bewildering, worrying and (for some) tragic times, KBC is in many ways carrying on as usual. We are still a church, still a body of believers in Jesus Christ who meet together to learn, share and encourage each other. Just with the tiny detail that we haven’t been able to actually meet together in person for several weeks now, and at the time of writing it looks like we won’t be able to for several weeks more.

There are many negative points about life right now, and these can be easy to dwell upon. But on the plus side, we’ve had to re-imagine how church fellowship works when we can’t be together physically, and that has led to new ideas and experiments, some of which may well last beyond the return to “normal life” (whenever that might be) in some form. We’ve discovered Zoom, realizing it’s not actually cows flying backwards (classic dad joke there) but a really great way to conduct meetings with other newly technically savvy people from the comfort of our own sofas; our midweek housegroup meetings now take that form, for example.

And on Sunday mornings our main service is now streamed live, though you can also catch up afterwards courtesy of KBC’s very own YouTube channel – go to for the links to the service and accompanying Junior Church resources, as well as to sermons from previous services. There’s even a virtual coffee time (via Zoom again) for socializing after the service, with the only drawback being that you have to supply your own drinks and biccies.

But church is a lot more than the sum of its meetings, of course, whether they are virtual or in person. There’s still a lot of real-world work and caring going on. As part of a household that’s needed to be “self isolated” recently, we’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of practical help, with people helping with shopping, dropping round thoughtful gifts and cards, and generally showing they care; things you don’t necessarily need a computer for. For all these things, we’ve been extremely grateful.

Finally, a word about one activity that’s still carrying on pretty much as before, the only one the church building is currently being opened for, and one needed more than ever in these times when many are suffering acutely from loss of work and income: the Foodbank. For anyone able to donate, this month the Foodbank would welcome tinned meat, tinned fruit and vegetables, washing-up liquid and cleaning materials to give out. Items can always be left in the supermarket boxes or in the porch at 22 Springfield Road. Thank you.

Chris Downs, May 2020