Kidlington Methodist Church – Last Month

I am looking at our Church Newsletter, and a very informal newsletter with contributions from members of the Church Family, and trying to pluck out items that will tell you of what we are up to and how we are getting on.

 We are having a Battle of the Moths at the moment. It started with a contribution from one of our members with a photo of a butterfly, then I found a beautiful Elephant Hawk Moth in my garage and found out that its habitat was the Honeysuckle and challenged anyone who could find anything to equal it. We have a lot of nature lovers in our church, and we have had pictures of all sorts of creatures that they have found in their garden.

As you may have noticed, we are very aware that we need to support and care for each other, with humour, helping out where we can.

We are hoping to start our services on September 6th, but like all the other churches are very aware we have to approach it with caution. There are those who still feel very vulnerable, and those who aren’t sure. We will be limited to 30 people for each service initially, and I am keeping a record of those who want to attend ; information will be passed on to this page should you  like to join us. Our minister Paul and the stewards will be discussing this in the next week or so.

Meanwhile, our online services continue – please visit our website for the link. You are very welcome to tune in and worship with us.

So much has happened this year or should I say hasn’t happened. We were unable to have Holiday at Home, but  hopefully we will be able to do something in the New Year, and  our Annual Fun Day  in September and Saturday Coffee Mornings have also been postponed. The Messy Church team have been very busy sending out activities for our families who we can’t meet until further notice, and leaders have been keeping in touch with Zac Pack who normally meet on a Monday.

I will leave you with this shortened poem that one of our members put in our Newsletter.

That I have been given one more day, I give thanks. 
That the birds still sing each morning, impossibly early outside my window, 
       I give thanks that I can hear them. 
For the sun rising once again in the East, I give thanks that I can see it. 
That for this day I have bread, I give thanks, that I can taste it. 
For drinkable water, for breathable air, and ice cream dipped cones, I give thanks. 
For one more day of mobility I give thanks and for all that I have, 
I give thanks to our God and Creator.

Marilyn King, August 2020