Poem – by Anne Prince


Time to sort out cupboards.
Not much else to do.
Lots of clothes not worn in years
Some books and CDs too.
But wait... what now, I groan,
surrounded by my treasures
The charity shops aren’t open,
It’s Coronavirus measures.
Until the end of lockdown
I must store the clothes I threw.
But wait...if I’m not going out
that jumper, it will do.
That book, I think I’ll read again
it’s sequel’s somewhere too.
I’ll put those back upon the shelf,
keep that t shirt, maybe two.
This process didn’t take so long
It was over far to soon.
But I guess the object of it was
To fill an afternoon.
Tomorrow I will bake a cake
That will fill up half an hour.
Oh drat, I have just realised
I haven’t any flour!

Anne Prince