Poem – by Carol Tyrrell

We cannot see our loved ones
We have to keep apart
But this is really tricky
When they are close inside your heart
Make sure you phone or text them
Let them know that you are ok
In this time of isolation
It means more to them today.
Make sure their health is steady
Make sure that they can cope
Listen to how they are feeling
That they are not sliding down that slope
Today more than ever
We must keep an eye on all
Because the vulnerable especially
Could easily start to fall
So if inside your family,
Or even if a friend
Is finding life so tricky
A message you should send
Just send your love
and keep in touch
This lifeline to them,
Will mean so very much
Don't expect an answer,
It doesn't really matter
But they may surprise and ring you
For just want a little natter
So in these times of troubles
Where nothing is for sure
Send your love to everyone
As for some it means so much more

Carol Tyrrell