Review of Cherwell Local Plan

Shaping our long-term coronavirus response

The existing Cherwell Local Plan 2011-2031, adopted in 2015, is to be reviewed and the new Local Plan will extend the period covered to 2040.  The policies that guide the development of new homes, workplaces, and infrastructure in north Oxfordshire are being reviewed.

A meeting of the executive on 6 July approved a draft of “Planning for Cherwell to 2040 – A Community Involvement Paper”. The proposals for the district-wide Local Plan are to be discussed with local residents, businesses and other stakeholders before any policies or proposals are considered.

The Local Plan guides all the decisions we make about new developments in our district. It influences the growth and sustainability of our economy and helps us protect what makes our local areas distinctive.

Whether it is the internet revolution, big infrastructure projects, or the climate emergency, the review of the Local Plan will help ensure that Cherwell is well placed to respond to the wider, evolving context.

It is clear that the forthcoming Plan will be key to Cherwell’s long-term coronavirus response. The pandemic and lockdown measures have underscored the importance of good quality housing, access to green space, and digital infrastructure. This is as an opportunity to listen to residents and to do some long term thinking about how to support economic and social recovery, encourage active travel and promote community cohesion.

The next step is a six-week consultation and engagement exercise on the community involvement paper, which will run during July and August, dates to be announced.
The preparation of the Plan and further consultation will continue throughout 2021 and 2022, with the intention to complete the Plan by summer of 2023.

People wanting to participate are advised that hard copy documents will not be available at the council’s usual deposit locations, because of coronavirus restrictions. However, the documents will be readily available online and officers will be available to assist. The council will look to use its deposit locations when conditions and Government regulations allow. This is reflected in an addendum to the council’s Statement of Community Involvement.

7th July 2020