Spring Garden Update

In the footnote to my article ‘Springtime’ I promised to give an update about the progress of our frog spawn. Well sadly the spawn hatched into tiny tadpoles but then they disappeared and we haven’t seen them since. Brian managed to take a photo when they hatched and after a lot of enlarging you can just make out legs on the tadpole nearest to the leaf. I did read up a little about tadpoles and gather that sometimes they eat each other which is very gruesome. Also looking into the pond I saw one of the frogs and noticed that he or she has part of its front leg missing, which I found alarming.

However, it does seem to manage OK and swims around. Looking more closely at the original photo with the frog spawn and the frog, you can actually see part of the leg is missing which I hadn’t seen before. We also have a collared dove which also has a foot missing. I was worried about him, but he was with us last year so has managed to survive. Perhaps we are becoming a sanctuary for injured wildlife!

On a lighter note, we have visits from a grey squirrel. This has never happened to us before but there is a hazelnut tree close by which is probably the attraction. Over the weeks we have seen him digging all over the lawn burying something which we presumed were hazel nuts. Lately he has been digging them up. How do they find them again because we can’t see them? However, we have started to find ones he has missed because we now have several tiny hazelnut trees!

It is turning into quite an interesting year in our garden and if anything else dramatic happens I will let you know!

Jenny Higgins (with photo by Brian Higgins)

Footnote – 25th May

Tadpoles survive after all!  We have found two baby frogs being watched over by either Mum or Dad.

One of the young frogs – photo by Brian Higgins