With so many meetings being postponed until further notice, it was good to take advantage of the lovely Spring weather. So we decided to spend some time in the garden trying to reclaim it after such a wet winter. Whilst taking a break for a cup of coffee I looked around at the lovely spring flowers and thought how calming everything was with all the turmoil going on around us. The sky was blue with not a cloud to be seen. There was a Peacock butterfly warming itself in the sun, a Brimstone flitting about amongst the plants, a blackbird was singing and a pair of blue tits had been investigating the bird box. Two red kites were soaring overhead and then a heron flew past. All this in our small urban garden in the middle of Kidlington. Isn’t nature wonderful how it overcomes all that winter throws at it? Perhaps we should take a leaf out of nature’s book and we will overcome all the present difficulties being thrown at us!

Jenny Higgins

We have a small pond in the garden, no fish, we aren’t that dedicated, just manage to grow the odd miniature water lily. Imagine our amazement today when we walked into the garden and there in the pond was a mass of frog spawn! We have never had any before even though we have seen frogs. I don’t know how successful it will be but if it is, I will update you on the progress, that is if we aren’t completely taken over by frogs.

I say again, isn’t it amazing what you can find in a small urban garden in the middle of Kidlington. The frog, presumably the female, dutifully appeared as Brian took the photo.