An Adventure Playground

Does anyone else remember the ‘adventure playground’ located off Benmead Road Playing Fields (at the bottom of the hill on the right-hand side – now part of the woodland copse and, I think, some of Mead Way where the houses are built on it?

I played there in the early 70s as a teenager, and it was a bit of a ‘free for all’. I have no idea who set it up, but the main ‘attraction’ was a zip wire from a large tree. We would all queue up to use it. There were no health and safety concerns then at all … One day the local fire brigade came down with a tender and filled the corner area of the playing field by the adventure park entrance with the white coloured foam used to fight fires for us to all play in.

Sadly I have no photo of anything to do with the park (or the foam event) …

Phil Bennett