Your Photos

Thanks to everyone sending in photos to brighten up these strange times. Do send us more.

It was lovely to see all the beautiful floral displays in Kidlington, and thanks to the Parish Council because the colours must lift the spirits of the community. I was worried we would not have any displays this year so they are even more welcome.
Jenny Higgins

Thanks to Brian Higgins for this photo and a new one on the Welcome page

Elephant Hawk Moth by Tony Andrews

This beautiful creature was caught in my moth trap a few days ago.  Often moths are dull greys or brown but occasionally you get a beauty like this.  We don’t often get to see what’s flying about at night!

Buff Tip Moth by Tony Andrews

How is this for camouflage?  A buff Tip Moth caught on the same night resting on a piece of wood. 

“Tunnel Vision” by Graham Kirby

Spotted alongside the meadow at Bernwood Forest on 23.6.20, this funnel web is the work of the Labyrinth Spider. A magical piece of defensive architecture, a silk corridor designed to protect the spider’s eggs. Apparently the egg-sack is tethered in mid-air by strands of silk from all sides of the labyrinth and is hidden from our view by the resident spider.

River Cherwell by Wight Bridge by Trevor Langrish


Spring is all around us – sunshine, blossoms, flowers and birds – even cowslips are growing in a Kidlington front garden.

Apparently many years ago there were a few planted specimen cowslips grown from seed in the narrow border at the front of the lawn. A couple of years later, while mowing one spring day, some more were spotted self-sown in the lawn, and the mower was diverted round them until the seed was shed. The patch got bigger each year, until nearly the whole lawn is covered today.