Dr Bike

One of the projects K5 Better Together has been working on is the Dr Bike sessions. We are doing this in partnership with Cycling UK who are funding the events and Kidlington Parish Council who are providing us with the venue at Exeter Hall.

We have a session lined up for Kidlington on Saturday March 20th.

This is a free session for people to get their bikes checked and fixed if possible. The aim is to get people back onto bikes for exercise or commuting and keep people off public transport. Please can you forward this on to partner organisations or sign up yourself to one of the sessions. We follow all Covid guidelines and PPE is worn by everyone. Bikes are wiped down before and after they are handed over and masks are worn at all times.

The link to the session is below, once you’re on the Eventbrite website click on the date and follow the instructions. There are 10 tickets. Attendees will be emailed times (between 10-11am on the Saturday) to drop their bikes off. They do not have to be Kidlington residents but must be from a nearby village or town.