Girlguiding Kidlington

As we near the end of the year, with another change in the rules, many units have continued to meet via Zoom calls or through Facebook challenges.  Kidlington Guide units are joining together on weekly Zoom calls, most recently taking part in an Escape Room challenge.  COVID restrictions have also given Leaders an opportunity to train in a different way.  A number of us have recently renewed our First Response training through a combination of eLearning, webinar and face to face assessment.  Ordinarily, finding time to take these courses can be challenging, so being able to sit at home, no travel required, to complete this essential training has had its advantages!

To end the term 1st Kidlington Brownies returned to the Guide Centre for another double meeting.  Splitting the unit in half, we ran two sessions, divided by a cleaning break.  Again, we demonstrated our ability to adapt.  No party buffet, instead girls brought their own drinks and were given a party bag of goodies.  Musical bumps and statues worked well with social distancing, but musical chairs had to be replaced by musical stand-up (in turn, stand up and if you’re standing when the music stops, you’re out!).  It all worked well and it was lovely to see all the girls again one last time in 2020.

It’s been a challenging year for everyone, but our Leaders have worked incredibly hard to find ways to continue offering the great experience of Girlguiding and we can’t wait for more adventures in 2021.

Correction: In her article about Girlguiding Awards in the December issue of Kidlington News, Sue Moss referred to herself as ‘Oxford City 2 Division Commissioner’.  She is, in fact, Oxford City 2 Division President.  Apologies to Carol Cox, the very able Oxford City 2 Division Commissioner.

Sarah Eyles, December 2020