Kidlington Methodist Church

September is a time of new beginnings and welcomes in the Methodist Church.  This year, despite (and even because of) Covid-19, has been no exception for Kidlington Methodist Church.  A couple of weeks ago we welcomed two new ministers into the Oxford Methodist Circuit.  Miriam Moule will be the new minister for Cowley Road church and Methodist chaplain for Oxford Brookes University, while Peter Powers will be based at Wesley Memorial church and takes on the big job of circuit superintendent.  We had a lovely welcome service via Zoom, with at one point 140 devices logged in (that’s more than 140 people attending) so very many of us were able to welcome them to their new roles and new homes here in Oxford.

Another ‘new’ is that we are opening KMC for Sunday morning worship again.  This will be different from what we have been used to – face coverings, a booking system to limit numbers and allow social distancing … and no singing or coffee and chat after church!  The online services have been excellent but it will be good to be able to join together to worship God ‘live’ once again.  For more information, please check our website –

We are also making plans to restart Messy Church gatherings in October.  This will be ‘Messy Church outdoors’ to allow for social distancing and again will be a new style of Messy Worship with activities in household groups rather than all together.  If you would like to find out more, email

In late August, Maggie and Ian Draisey welcomed friends, neighbours and family to their garden to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary (all suitably distanced of course).  We were blessed with lovely weather and enjoyed scrumptious cake!  It was lovely to celebrate with Maggie and Ian and it also gave some of us the first opportunity to speak to each other face to face after many months.

Over the past few months, many people have worked hard to ensure that some semblance of church life continues and are now working even harder to make sure that our return to the church building is safe and Covid-secure.  We are blessed to have people with many talents who have contributed in different ways, but I would especially like to mention our minister Paul for his wonderful care for all of us and great insights in his Thursday Thoughts, and Emma Huber who has used her IT skills to great effect, including ‘personalizing’ our online worship.

Mel Snelling, September 2020

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