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We’re successfully Zooming every Monday evening! We’re grateful to member Peter Greenway for setting this up. In fact, we’ve extended our season, to keep contact going during lockdown. We’ve also invited other clubs to join some of our meetings – and maxed out at 100 people for a presentation from an external speaker! Other meetings have had about 30 people, and others are welcome to join in;  Monday evenings 7:30pm; (see or ). 

Tom Peck drew the biggest crowd for his ‘Photography &The Sublime’: this was a fascinating and insightful inspiring talk with superb landscape photos by himself and others. If you can see one of his talks, do! 

Another external speaker was Brian Lee (Witney), presenting his ‘Images of the Diamond Decade’.  “Between 60 and 70”, he told us “I hope to completely explore and photograph what I find on my travels in the UK.  My chosen form of transport for the project is an Aston Martin, named Aston Marion in honour of my late wife.  Well, as life has shown me, you can’t take the money with you when you die so why not enjoy it while you can!” Brian has divided the UK into ten regions and visits one region a year, researching, visiting and photographing what he discovers.  He usually rents a suitable property in the region to act as a basecamp, making his trips in the Autumn and Spring, since these are his favourite seasons.  

A couple of meetings have featured sharing of three images of any subject per person, with most people joining in. The selections have varied from fond memories to most-recent lockdown opportunities. This has been popular.

Home and Garden competition winner ‘Lockdown Clock’ by Julie Noble-Stevens.

We also had two evenings with photos by members Alana Davies, Lesley Adams, Melissa Bastin and Ric Gillams. Alana enjoyed visiting Perth and Western Australia; and Lesley toured Norway’s coast. Melissa captures dogs beautifully as well as polo, gun shoots, and added architecture more recently. Ric showed us how amazing Namibia is (it’s popular: member Terry Pollard has shown us fab photos from there too

That worked, so we can now have our final competition of the season, which will decide our Photographer of the Year – we’ve been in suspense for over 2 months, with three people all at the top! Our Image of the Year competition is on Monday 25 May, featuring members’ best images from the last year.

We’re not holding our Print of the Year competition, but can have our AGM virtually, to update the committee membership and discuss aspects of our activities coming up. That will be in June, with more to come…

Kim Benson, May 2020