Kidlington Picture Teaser

Thanks to Nick Duval for providing a new picture quiz for us. The answers to the previous teaser are given below.

This Teaser comes from Nick’s sister Nette Clarke.  It’s a building very prominent in Kidlington after WW2.  There are three simple questions.

a) Where             b) What          c) Why

Answers to

Our previous teaser featured the following photo:

Photo reproduced by kind permission of The Francis Frith Collection (

And the answers to the questions were:

  1. The picture is of School Road from (High Street)
  2. The pub is The Dog and it closed in 1934
  3. The building on the right is the Methodist Chapel built in 1862 and extended shortly after it was closed in 1953 when the new church opened in Oxford Road.  It was used for warehouse storage until being demolished in 1962.
  4. The barn on the right,  4 School Road was then owned by Frank Hopper who ran an Upholstery business.

Of the six questions/subquestions Sarah Finch managed to get four correct, and there is a round of drinks at the bar when the Highwayman reopens.