Looking For Roy Dale

I’m interested in tracing Roy Dale who grew up in a large family living in the High Street, opposite Tescos. I was a close friend of his brother, Michael, when we were at Edward Feild school together. Roy worked for their father, Alf, who ran a local building company, and recent building works at 6 School Road have revealed Roy’s name scratched into the stonework.

I assume that this was done by Roy when his Dad was working on the house. The wording, as can be seen in the photo, says ‘Roy Dale Age 24 RIP 4th Sept 1975’. This was when the house was previously refurbished and the stud wall created. I think ’RIP’ after Roy’s name must have been a joke as he lived beyond the age of 24. Below this it says ‘M1 REFF’ and I haven’t a clue what this means.

I think Roy went on to live in Bletchingdon, playing cricket there and a keen member of the social club.

Nick Duval, nick@duval-inns.co.uk