Move More Mondays

 NEW Move More Mondays – JOIN Free Live exercise sessions on YouTube run by Generation Games

Generation Games, Age UK Oxfordshire’s physical activity service are now running free live exercise sessions on Youtube every Monday at 10am.

Generation Games has been running online Zoom classes since the first lockdown, which proved popular and a great way to keep active during a period of restrictions. There are also 24 exercise videos on their Youtube channel “generationgamesuk” for people to access at a time convenient to them.

David Tucker, 68, had been an avid bowls player until illness and lockdown stopped him playing. He stumbled on the Generation Games videos and it was perfect for what he was looking for: regular variety of exercises. He said: “The videos are not too dramatic, but they get you moving”. He set himself the challenge of doing one a day, logging all his exercise sessions in a spreadsheet, totalling 190 sessions to date!

“I feel I have more flexibility than ever before, I can bend down lower and stretch further when I do the Tai Chi exercises. I am not as stiff as before.”

After he has done the exercises, he says he feels “pleased I’ve done it. It’s the satisfaction. I don’t feel tired after doing the videos”.

Now, in the third lockdown, in the middle of winter, staying active and motivated is more of a challenge than ever. That is why Generation Games have decided to run free 30 minute exercise sessions broadcast from their Youtube channel every Monday morning at 10 am. It will be mainly Sarah Wheatley, Exercise specialist in Long Term conditions, who will be leading the sessions. All Move More Mondays will be available in the playlist called “Move Mondays”.

Oxford City Council and new Lord Mayor Councillor Mark Lygo are also running a campaign called #MoveWithMayorMark to encourage Oxford City’s residents of all ages to move more in their every day. Mark has been filming himself whilst out walking, running and cycling as well as trying out online activities from home. By sharing his experiences through social media and shining a spotlight on the different activities available; Mark hopes to help more people feel the physical and mental benefits of moving more. When he heard about Generation Games’ Move More Monday’s he was really keen to join in a session and show how older people can get moving in a Covid-safe way:

“We all know how important it is for our physical and mental health to get and stay active and how it is a small, but great way we can all help our NHS. However it can be really hard to find the time, the energy or the motivation; especially in lockdown with all the restrictions in place. I too have struggled with all of this but through #MoveWithMayorMark we’re trying to show that it is simply about building more movement into your every day; whether outside with a walk or doing some short bursts of activity at home.

“The Move More Monday sessions are a great example of this and the instructor Sarah was fantastic at explaining all the different movements, giving options and keeping me smiling.”