Recycling – Terracycle

There are two new collection bins at Kidlington Methodist Church where you can recycle specific plastic that would otherwise go into landfill. Drop off any day between 8 am and 9 pm:

1) cheese packaging, including nets.
2) flexible plastic from Finish, Vanish, Airwick and Dettol products. 

Find out more about Terracycle at It is all made into new products, and public collection points earn cash for charity.

Crisp packets can be dropped off at Marlborough School.

Spectacles, sunglasses etc can be left at 72 Green Road, private collector, so financial contributions welcome, but not the spectacle cases. Contact lenses can be recycled at Cherwell Opticians.

If you know of other collecting points in this area, or want to set one up, do let us know. There is not much that cannot be recycled now.

Margaret Smith (